Action for children

Action for Children is a UK charity established to help children and young people who are vulnerable and in need. It works directly with over 300,000 children, young people, parents and carers, and runs 650 services across the UK.

Before working with Codestorm our fulfilment was handled by a third party management company and we were experiencing issues with reliability and escalating costs. We cater for over 650 services throughout the UK, so getting products to them as and when required is a huge part of our business and vitally important.

Coming to Codestorm has made a massive difference to the efficiency and reliability of the service we offer. The company provides a fast and reliable service, and it has helped us to reduce our overall spend. In addition, Codestorm supplies us with extensive information so we know exactly what’s happening at every stage of the fulfilment process.

Codestorm is always looking to improve the service they provide for their clients, whether that means embracing new technology or enhancing their working practices. 


Trevor Ellis
Production & Distribution Manager
Action For Children 


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