Cornerstone is an innovative British men's grooming brand specialising in shaving products. Customers order a shaving plan from the company’s website, and receive products by post at regular intervals. They can cancel, change their plan, or alter their delivery schedule at any time, presenting unique challenges for Cornerstone’s fulfillment partner.

We’re essentially a mail order business with a website front-end, so efficient and effective fulfilment is absolutely critical to our business model. Having run e-commerce businesses with in-sources fulfilment before, I knew we had to have an expert partner on board from day one, and Codestorm has been with us since the start.

We chose Codestorm because they were competitive on price, but also very flexible when it came to technology integration and the bespoke elements of our fulfilment requirements. 

By having a trusted partner looking after operations and fulfilment, we are able to focus on growing our business. As we have increased volumes, we have seen falls in our unit costs. As we have learned to trust Codestorm with more and more responsibility, we can focus even more on the growth marketing challenge. 


Oliver Bridge


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